1/To engage a wide range of stakeholders on the development of the professional, personal and social skills of professional drivers 

_Throughout the project we will ask for opinion and advice, through questionnaires, interviews and studies, from a range of people working in or connected to logistics and transport. By doing this we can be assured of working towards common goals that are relevant to the professional and personal development of drivers

2/Undertake industry research to determine the most important and relevant competences 


_Using our extensive network and industry knowledge we will undertake research to determine the most important competences and attributes for tomorrow's professional driver

3/Use the information and output from the series of DRV projects (ProfDRV and ICT-DRV)


_Three of the five project partners have been involved in connected projects. We will use our experience and findings from those projects to maximise the results of Steer to Career DRV

4/Develop a set of professional learning objectives based on management and communication


_Based on recommendations from stakeholders we will identify the learning objectives for professional drivers who want to deliver their career beyond driving. These learning objectives will focus on professional and personal skills and be incorporated into two pilot learning programmes

5/Produce guidance for managers and professional drivers 


_It is important to share our work in a practical way, therefore we will produce guidance for transport company owners and drivers to help them identify training needs in relation to a new role or job profile

6/Promote the project through media and publication channels 


_The project work needs to be recognised and used outside of the project team and project stakeholders, therefore we will share the results using our networks to maximise the impact of our project