Driver curriculum development well underway

Following the project team meeting in Greece last month, CERTH have been busy with the development of the driver curriculum; a fundamental part of the project.

Based on results from stakeholder questionnaires and interviews, the team have identified four areas that are considered as important topics for the future; the maintenance, safety and security of autonomous vehicles, managing connected digital tools and records, customer service and fleet and hub management.

These four areas will be further elaborated within the driver curriculum. The focus is to explore the knowledge, skills and competences needed in these areas, along with the training methods and the training environment.

The curriculum will also offer detailed information on what to consider when developing in-house curricula, based on academic and pragmatic research.

However, the team will soon need stakeholder assistance. It is important to test the curriculum and make sure it offers the right kind of information, so if you want to help us then please contact the curriculum coordinator, Mr. Charis Chalkiadakis -

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