Animating the future labour market

As the Steer to Career project nears its conclusion we've produced an animated video that brings a visual perspective to our research, stakeholder engagement and development work.

The video is designed to highlight some of the tasks that drivers will do in 2040, and demonstrates that the role will become more diverse and more customer-facing with more responsibilities.

However, we stopped short of including the entire range of jobs that a driver might transition to because new jobs (not yet known) will be created through vehicle automation and the possibilities for career development are wide-ranging and numerous.

The purpose of the video is to ensure that policy-makers, employers and drivers understand the need for development now with the aim of encouraging future redeployment within the road transport, rather than mass redundancy or a loss of skills to another sector caused by ill preparation or complacency.

It is essential that a coordinated effort is undertaken to meet the needs of the future labour market.

For policy-makers this might include the development of Directive (EU) 2018/645 to include topics within the syllabus of the future, for employers it might mean the provision of driver training that isn't key to the job they do now, and for drivers it could be the ambition to develop personal skills.

One thing's for sure. The current global driver shortage is partly caused by poor preparation. We should learn lessons from it and start to develop drivers now for tomorrow's world.

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