Curriculum feedback needed!

The work to develop a driver curriculum is near completion. During the development stages stakeholder questionnaires were completed across Europe, and the results from that feedback were used to inform the structure of our curriculum.

Importantly, the project team were able to identify trends and forecasts that show the most likely scenarios for the development of professional drivers. Four categories were defined that represent the most likely roles that drivers will move into once level 5 automation has been realised;

1. Maintenance, safety and security of autonomous vehicles

This category focuses on the technical competences that will be needed to perform routine checks, maintenance and operation of a fully automated truck. It also recognises the need for professional and social skills to maintain the security of the truck, assuming the risks of remote take-over and hijack are real. This topic will be further explored in the next stage of the project; the development of pilot learning programmes.

2. Managing connected digital tools and records

This category was created in line with the gradual move towards digital working and record keeping, and seeks to identify ways to ensure that drivers are fully competent in the managing, using, implementing and maintaining tools and records in the truck and bus of tomorrow.

3. Customer service

Feedback from stakeholders suggest that this will be a growing area of importance and drivers will need to develop professional and social skills in the future. This topic will be further explored in the next stage of the project; the development of pilot learning programmes.

4. Fleet and HUB Management

The final category relates to fleet and HUB management, and from a drivers' perspective it suggests the opportunity to move into a manager, dispatcher or coordinator role where activity is undertaken by automated vehicles, robots and machinery.

Within each category we have highlighted some tasks that will most likely be undertaken by the future driver (or whatever term is used for drivers!!).

In January the project team will contact stakeholders and ask them to take part in a short interview to gather feedback on the curriculum and to get ideas for the next stage of the project. If you'd like to be involved please get in touch with the project coordinator,

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