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Steer to Career DRV Professional Driver
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Our work to develop the principles of a future curriculum for driver training (relateing to level 5 vehicle autonomy) is now available.

Rather than develop a traditional curriculum we focused on highlighting and explaining the points to consider when developing driver training, with instructional design in mind.

Through stakeholder engagement and research we've identifyied the potential skills and competences of the future that a bus or truck driver will need when working with a level 5 AV.

This document has already helped to inform the next project phase; the development of two pilot learning programmes to help test our theory.

At the same time, work is starting on the creation of a career pathway, which is intended as a practical 'map' to help companies and drivers identify skills development and match them to the future labour market (where we already understand the jobs that will be available).

For your copy simply click the link to download!

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