Drivers, what would you like to do in 20 years?

Today, when talking about automation in the sector, we focus almost exclusively on the automation of driving and the impact it will have on the driver. This is indeed important as it represents a large part of the sector's workforce, but the Steer to Career project has enabled us to consider how other jobs will evolve at the same time as the drivers. We have therefore been able to think about career paths up to 2040 i.e., at automation level IV.

This important exercise benefited from a rigorous and original methodology to objectify the approach and a restitution that we wanted to be as playful and ergonomic as possible. It is essential to show that the transport and logistics branch is concerned about the future of people who are entering the trades today or soon, that they will certainly evolve, but also that they offer new career opportunities, particularly in the transport-logistics sector.

Hence, the Steer to career project team has developed a video showcasing the key data of the project through a day in the life within the transport and logistics sector in 2040. Dive into tomorrow’s job careers in this sector where fully autonomous vehicles will be commonplace, disrupting the ecosystem as we know it today.

If you want to dig deeper into the subject, an interactive tool on career pathways is also available here: Dedicated to bus and truck drivers, it maps out the opportunities that will be created to move into a different role when driving becomes automated by focusing on what they want to develop in their career. It is a first step towards discussing potential career changes ahead of the automation process in the transport and logistics sector.

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