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On 1 June I was interviewed by a representative for NCFE, which is a leading not-for-profit provider of educational services and has been at the forefront of technical and vocational UK education for over 170 years.

The purpose of the interview was to discover how the current crisis is likely to affect skills in logistics. We also touched on the evolution of careers in the future and the attributes that we likely be needed from workers aross all sectors.

We crammed a lot of discussion into that 40 minutes! However, it's great to know that people are already thinking about skills development for new and existing workers at a time when it's probably needed more than ever...

Later that day I was also interviewed by Westac, which is the premier forum for transportation leaders in Western Canada. A not-for-profit entity, Westac's mission is to be the destination for forward-thinking business, government and labour leaders in search of insight, discussion and solutions that contribute to the long-term success of transportation across Western Canada.

The purpose of the interview was to learn more about Steer to Career and its sister project, Future DRV.

As with many organistions across the world, Westac are thinking about the future of logistics jobs and identified the project as an opportunity to discover what we're doing in Europe to tackle the labour market in relation to vehicle autonomy.

It was an interesting interview, and one that touched on the opportunity to attract a more diverse demographic to the road transport industry. Although we're looking at mapping the pathway for existing drivers, our research will also help to uncover the skills and qualifications for people from other sectors, as well as young people at school or college level.

I made a number of observations, but perhaps one of the most relevant was in response to a question of how governments can prepare the workforce in the future; it's really important that they don't just throw cash at something. There needs to be careful planning about objectives, stakeholder engagement, meaningful interventions and a good dose of optimism!

And just last week the French project partner, AFT, had an article published in a leading French transport magazine which highlighted the work completed in Future DRV and the ongoing work in Steer to Career, no doubt lighting up the topic of skills development across the country.

It's important that our work reaches out to drivers and company owners; after all, they're the ones that we must provide for so they, in turn, can make the necessary changes to safeguard future jobs.

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