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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Steer to Career IO2 Learning Outcomes FI
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Another milestone in our project has been reached! To develop our pilot training programmes we first needed to establish the learning outcomes that would likely be required in the future.

Using research gathered in previous projects and analysing the results of the interview process for the curriculum development, we were able to identify the learning outcomes without the need to understand future training tools or technology.

We've divided the outcomes into 3 sections; 1 that applies to both truck and bus, 1 for truck and 1 for bus. In this way we can be sure that the difference between the core and specific outcomes can be clearly understood.

Although our project looks into the future it is, of course, difficult to know what the road transport industry will look like. However, what we can do is predict the likely scenarios that will occur and create a framework based around those scenarios. Accordingly, we foresee an environment where a truck driver will be needed to stay in the cab while the vehicle drives itself, in readiness to take over in the event of an emergency and in busy built up areas. We also see a bus driver moving into the centre of the bus and taking on a customer service and safety role.

There will also be a long period of mixed driving, where professional drivers will need the skills and competences to operate a fully manual, semi autonomous and fully automous vehicle. This means the level of concentration needed will be higher and for more of the time, and drivers will probably have to multitask like never before.

We now move on to the development of pilot learning programmes. We're developing 1 for truck drivers and 1 for bus drivers, with the aim of realising what a future training programme might look like.

However, it's clear that companies, training providers and law makers can already start to make preparations for the development of truck and bus drivers. The learning outcomes can be incorporated into existing frameworks and course material, and by doing so drivers will be better prepared for the future (which is not as far away as many think!).

Feel free to download our learning outcomes using the link atttached to this blog.

Steer to Career IO2 Learning Outcomes FI
Download • 513KB

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