Partners meet in Germany

On 26 and 27 March the Steer to Career project partners met in Potsdam, Germany to discuss progress and preparation for the next stages of the project.

In order to get as many views and opinions as possible the team will develop an online questionnaire for professional truck and bus drivers, which will inform the project about qualifications and training currently available. The purpose is to identify shortfalls or gaps in training which will allow drivers to progress to another stage of the career, and to help make a link to other training in road transport.

The partners are also looking for contributions by other stakeholders including managers, associations and policy makers, so if you're a subscriber to this blog then you should expect a call within the next few weeks!

The meeting also provided an opportunity to focus on IO2, the learning programmes. The team will be developing 2-3 learning programmes based on stakeholder input, similar projects and desktop research, with the aim of producing material to help drivers and managers identify the topics and jobs that are most likely to emerge from the use of autonomous vehicles.

For more information about the learning programmes or indeed the project please contact

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