Pilot training programmes available for review!

A major part of our project is designed to help training developers and instructional designers recognise the key elements of future learning when it comes to autonomous vehicles. Without providing guidance, the road transport sector may find itself falling behind when it comes to professional development of the future.

It's important that we provide insight around learning outcomes, methodology, skills, qualifications and attributes, which together form the most important considerations for developing driver learning content.

Crucially we recognise that in order to make the transition from driving to non-driving activities more seemless, it's important to highlight elements that can be incorporated into current learning programmes. For example, customer service is already a key feature of many driver training courses but in the future it's going to be even more important, so our bus worker programme focuses on more interaction with customers and improved social skills for conflict mitigation, as well as a more rewarding customer experience.

We've developed the programmes with the assumption that a future bus worker will be actively working in amongst the passengers, delivering services, overseeing safety and providing support, while a future truck worker will be responsible for safety and security activities in and around the vehicle and load, and that hazard perception, confidence and emergency support will be key features of the job.

So, we invite you to download our programmes and let us know what you think! Your input is essential to help us identify the strengths and weaknesses of our training guidance. Do they strike the right note? Have we missed anything?

You can reach your local project partner for feedback and evaluation;

DE / Hanna Enim,

FR / Emilie De Miguel,

EL / Dimitris Tzanis,

EN / James Tillyer,

Download the training here;

Steer to Career IO2 Programme 1 June 2021 Bus Workers
Download DOC • 1.95MB
Steer to Career IO2 Programme 2 June 2021 Truck Workers
Download DOC • 1.59MB

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