Project becomes part of UK roadmap

Today (23 March) saw the release of the latest roadmap designed to track progress towards a connected autonomous vehicle future in the UK.

Zenzic was created by government and industry to accelerate the self-driving revolution in the United Kingdom, channelling £200 million of investment to unite industry, government and academia in the move to a safer, more inclusive and productive mobile future.

It enables industry, government and academia to come together to help shape the connected and self-driving ecosystem and establishing the UK as a world leader.

A key part of the strategy was the creation of the UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030: CAM Creators Update, which is the world’s first cross-discipline roadmap focused on highlighting stakeholders who make a valuable contribution to the development of CAM, enabling their work to be shared more easily and the challenges and solutions to be better understood.

We're delighted to say that Steer to Career has become part of the Zenzic roadmap, providing a new forum to share the results of our work and to further develop measures needed for the forecast effect on the labour market.

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