Project brochure now available!

The most important consideration for the results of our project is communication, especially as we conclude our activities.

Often, valuable information is lost once a project ends. To avoid that situation, and to help companies and professional drivers to understand what's needed for future transition, we have produced a brochure that highlights the potential steps towards a new career.

The brochure offers the 'status quo' of road transport and raises some serious questions about mobility, skills and importantly, personal attributes (which will be more important for future careers).

It can be used to track career options and relates directly to the career pathway that we developed in an earlier stage. It also uses information gathered from stakeholders as well as the results from our curriculum and training programme development.

It's been produced in electronic and hard copy format and features four languages; English, French, German and Greek.

If you'd like a hard copy, please let us know by emailing

Alternatively, here is the link for an electronic version;

Steer-to-Career-A4-V10 Brochure
Download PDF • 4.87MB

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