Project features in French trade press

In September's edition of 'l'officiel des transporteurs', Steer to Career was a featured article in the main publication.

The article was the result of an interview with James Tillyer (Transformotion) and Emilie de Miguel (AFT) in which the journalist asked the question of the future; what will happen to driver's jobs?

Although our project has gone some way to answering that question, it has also highlighted a general failure of funded CAV research to investigate the human affect of fully autonomous vehicles, particularly on the jobs market and skills development.

As well as the opportunity to highlight the work that we've been doing, the interview was a chance to explain the danger of sleepwalking into a redundancy crisis, with no proper planning or implementation for professional development to allow more seemless horizontal or vertical career progression.

As our project draws to a close, we hope the results of our work will encourage more proactive intervention for professional truck and bus drivers across Europe.

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