Should drivers be able to override autonomous systems?

The future's not particularly clear when it comes to responsibilities connected to fully autonomous vehicles, and this is something that we're seeking to address in the project.

We're developing criteria for training professional drivers for the use of level 5 autonomy and we need input from stakeholders and experts.

Are you involved in autonomous vehicle tech? Have you researched the safety and security of fully autonomous vehicles? The #steertocareer project team would like to hear from you!

Before we develop the relevant knowledge, skills, competences and learning objectives needed for the future road pilot we must have a clear idea (based on industry opinion) on what the responsibilities are likely to be. For example, will there be a manual override system in case of emergency? What level of manual control will OEM's integrate or allow? How will tech developers protect the vehicle from remote hijack? Will drivers carry a remote kill switch?

If you have a view or opinion please let me know at; our work relies on the contributions of others. Thanks!

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