Topics for learning programmes chosen and researched!

A key objective for Steer to Career is to produce learning programmes to identify the potential career steps for drivers beyond the position and profile of today's professional driver.

The selection of career steps addressed by these programmes will be defined by the research and surveys undertaken with industry stakeholders and representatives as part of our curriculum development work. Based on feedback and opinion we'll be developing two learning programmes; one focused on customer service for a person working on a bus and the other for a person working in the cab area of a fully autonomous truck.

We've started to define the different learning outcomes that need to be identified, helped by research already undertaken and from previous projects on the same or similar subject.

However, as the work involves looking to the future (and we don't have the benefit of a crystal ball!) we must assume working conditions during the development stage, therefore we believe a bus driver will move from behind the wheel to be in amongst passengers. Their role will evolve, with learning to focus on conflict management, managing the safety of elderly and vulnerable adults, identifying potential security or terrorism risks and overseeing automated onboard payment systems. In terms of a truck driver we're planning the approach based on a person being responsible for overseeing the autonomy of longhaul truck movements (much in the same way that airline pilots currently do), managing the load / unload procedure (which may well be fully automated), ensuring safety and security standards for non-automated components and enhanced customer service as the representative of the haulage company.

We will also address the training methodology in this part of the project, focusing on alternative options for delivery, role play for conflict resolution, AR for pre-departure checks etc. A training outline will become available, specifying learning times, the concrete learning media to be developed and further instructions for trainers.

If you're interested in this part of our project be sure to register for regular updates! Equally if you would like to contribute please write to me -

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