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An important part of our work is engaging with you, our stakeholders. Interviews and feedback help us to determine the quality and direction of our project.

We're busy completing the finishing touches to training programmes that provide insight and guidance for training developers. These programmes are based on our findings from initial research and stakeholder questionnaires, and use the information from the curriculum to form a practical guide with the aim of developing driver skills, competences and knowledge to meet the demands of future transportation. Importantly we've also focused on personal skills and attributes to help with a career move.

We based our work on level 4 vehicle autonomy, with one programme being developed for long distance truck drivers that predicts a scenario where the driver is redundant from the job of driving for most of the time, only taking manual control for the last part of the route (assuming the collection or delivery point is in an urban or built-up area).

It includes the objectives for developers to understand what the end goal is, the learning outcomes specific to the job, different methodology for delivering the training and a recommended curriculum to guide course development.

The second programme is focused on bus drivers, and predicts a scenario where the driver becomes a customer service manager working in amongst the passengers and holding responsibility for security and vehicle override.

We're now looking to engage with interested parties to test the programmes for applicability, relevance, clarity and implementation. We'll share the draft programmes with you and then carry out a remote interview via Zoom to get your feedback. The interview should not take any longer than an hour.

We're also planning to share an update of our work to develop the career pathway. It's important that drivers, company owners and policy makers can understand the link towards an alternative career, both from a horizontal and vertical perspective, and our pathway will make it clearer in terms of opportunities and transferable skills.

We need to test our initial research and development before moving on to the visualisation of the pathway. Again, we'll share our work for review, before a short interview with you at a later date.

If you'd like to help us make a difference please get in touch with your relevant project partner;

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