What are your views on fully autonomous trucks and buses?

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

To help the project team understand the general view of fully autonomous trucks and buses (level 5 autonomy) we want to hear from drivers, company owners, policy makers and training providers.

We have developed a basic questionnaire to investigate the level of knowledge on vehicle autonomy and the perceived tasks that will become important in the future.

We would be really grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing the relevant questionnaire; it's been designed as a short overview with up to 20 questions and is available in all partner languages. The questionnaires will be available to answer up to 31 July 2019.

The results will help us to develop task--specific research in the project, along with the future driver currriculum and related learning programmes;

English Driver Questionnaire -

English Stakeholder Questionnaire -

Deutschland Driver Questionnaire -

Deutschland Stakeholder Questionnaire -

Francais Driver Questionnaire -

Francais Stakeholder Questionnaire -

Elliniká Driver Questionnaire -

Elliniká Stakeholder Questionnaire -

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