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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Our project relies on input from people working in the road transport sector. Without it we can only base our findings on research, which is often historic, outdated or obsolete.

It's often a challenge to find participants, and at this stage it's even more tricky because the objective here is to identify the trends for why people move on from being a professional driver. And to do that we need to interview people who might not be working in the sector any more!

We're looking for current professional truck and bus drivers, ex-truck and bus drivers and people working in HR to understand the driver's motivation for leaving. Why did they leave? Why wasn't it possible to stay in road transport? How did they feel about their job and their working environment?

Sometimes a company will conduct an exit interview and we'd like to tap into that (without needing to know who it was) because it's likely to reveal some clues that would help us to develop our recommendations for horizontal or vertical career progression for future professional drivers.

So, if you're reading this we think you might be who we need! And if you'd like the chance to win some cash contact or simply subscribe to updates right here on this site.

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