Workshop highlights problems with driver engagement

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

On 25 November a project workshop took place via Zoom, which asked the question 'Out of a job or out of the industry?'. Are we sleepwalking towards potential mass redundancies of truck and bus drivers? Should we start to prepare drivers now for redeployment in the future?

The project team welcomed three guest speakers who gave some insight into the challenges that lay ahead.

Rosie Wainwright from Career Ready (UK) showcased their work to engage children as part of a work experience strategy and raised the importance of explaining the reality of work and the opportunities for long term careers.

Ruth Edwards from Talent in Logistics (UK) presented the results of one of the largest studies involving professional truck drivers in the UK. The study focused on the perception of their job and provided an indication of the steps needed to keep drivers in their job for longer. It turns out that having a good boss is more valued than a salary increase...

Ewa Ptaszynska from the DG Move Unit of the European Commission (Belgium) provided a detailed summary of her comprehensive year-long research into connected, autonomous vehicles and the potential effect on driving jobs. Working alongside the University of California, Ewa discovered the likely process towards level 4 automation and the opportunity for new job creation.

For more details feel free to download the workshop summary using this link;

Steer to Career UK Workshop Summary
Download PDF • 692KB

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